A William Waters Design that EPITOMIZES Queen Anne Style...

Hearthstone exhibits all of the character defining features that are associated with the Queen Anne style.  From its generally asymmetrical design and two-and-a-half stories in height with irregular roof lines and steeply pitched gables to its almost organic style that came from the inside out (its plan determining its outer shape), Hearthstone epitomizes the style in Wisconsin.  Salient features include its steep pitched gabled roof, its encircling veranda that covers all or part of the front facade, including the front entry which is typical.  It also features cross gabling, dormers, and truly emblematic fenestration with its large single pane windows - all hallmarks of Queen Anne style.

chimmey and roofline.jpeg

that exudes architectural exuberance

The exterior is a variety of surface textures created through shingling, vertical and horizontal areas which divide the surfaces plus brick or limestone banding which divide the brick surfaces, wall and roof projections. Light and shadow as it moves over projections and roof variations during the day creates another level of surface texture. The Queen Anne style projected exuberance through decorative elements.  Experience this exuberance at Hearthstone.