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Our Museum

Hearthstone Historic House was the first private residence anywhere in the world to be illuminated using hydroelectricity from a central Edison system.  The switch was thrown on September 30, 1882 only two weeks after the first-ever Edison central station, which was powered by steam, was operational in New York City.  The house still contains the original Edison electroliers, original light switches, and some of the world's only examples of original Edison wiring in situ. Hearthstone is on the national and state historic registers.

However, this beautifully restored house and museum is much more...

It is excellent example of Queen Anne Victorian Style architecture, designed by a leading architect of the day, with breathtaking interiors.

It is "hard wired" into local history as its story is the story of the history of Wisconsin, of the Gilded Age, and of fortunes won and lost.

It is a look to the past but it is also a look to the future - a look featuring hydroelectricity and renewable power, individually powered homes, and what it means to be a visionary.

All of this is Hearthstone Historic House Museum.  Please scroll down to explore.

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.
— Thomas A. Edison



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