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“shine even brighter”
capital campaign

Our "Shine Even Brighter" capital campaign will fund timely and required restoration and improvements to our stunning example of Queen Anne style residence. The end result will be an exterior that matches the breathtaking interior of the museum and ensures our artifacts and programs will have a safe and secure home for at least another 137 years. All work will be completed by special artisans who must follow guidelines set by the Wisconsin Historical Society and the National Park Service for structures like Hearthstone. Please help us “Shine Even Brighter” by making a donation.

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When you take a tour, your admission fee helps support the museum but so does just experiencing Hearthstone as our visitors become our best ambassadors.

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Members not only get free admission to Hearthstone, they get much more.  Memberships are available for individuals, couples, and families, as well as in tiered support levels.  

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There are dozens of ways Hearthstone may be the perfect place for you to volunteer. It may appeal to one of your favorite interests. It may be as a way to meet people and make new friends. It may be something else entirely.  

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Your financial donation, large and small, helps us immensely and directly supports our efforts. 

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(Please note:  If you would like to make a donation of Victorian or other items, please refer to our Acquisitions Policy.)

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Many of our events are sponsored by businesses large and small who proudly demonstrate their support of preservation, education, technology, and the arts.  Please consider joining us as a corporate sponsor.

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You can never have too many cool t-shirts or coffee mugs... and ours are just that.  Seriously, please check them out! 

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