I've been asked...

why should someone contribute to a museum when there are so many other problems in this world... hungry children, battered spouses, homelessness.  It's a good question.  I understand that there is a primacy of needs.  We all deserve and, in fact, should demand, that we are clothed, and fed, and secure in our relationships.  These things are non-negotiable. These things are basic to the human condition.

But when you walk into a place like Hearthstone you get something.  You get a sense of context: You become grounded in where we have come from and maybe where we are going.  You get a sense of texture: You can see how the fabric of our lives has changed and evolved.  You get a sense of enrichment: You simply feel better by being exposed to something new.

When you walk through Hearthstone you smile, and wonder, and learn... and those things are basic to the human condition too.

Just a note from the back porch.

- George, Executive Director at Hearthstone